01/09/2022 | Team

Meet One of Our Paackers: Franco Boscolo

“Working in a company that places sustainability as a strategic priority for its activity is a dream come true.”

Giving a warm welcome to our new Head of ESG and Sustainability, Franco Boscolo, with whom we will bring our Sustainability objectives to the next level.

Prior to leading the ESG and Sustainability department at Paack, Boscolo is a professional who has lived in different countries and has many years of experience in the field of sustainability.

He will be a key player in ensuring that Paack continues to pioneer sustainable deliveries and be a benchmark for transport companies when it comes to operating whilst respecting the environment.

Franco Boscolo

Before joining Paack, Franco Boscolo lived in Berlin, where he worked as an ESG manager for a multinational chemical company and a food company. Prior to that, he lived in the UK for 10 years, where he completed his Postgraduate Studies and started his career in the field of Sustainability, first as a Project Engineer and then in a railway company.

Joining Paack is not the result of chance, but rather a combination of two factors; On the one hand, Paack’s constant eagerness to thrive with diverse profiles on the Team, and on the other, Franco’s desire for a new and challenging professional experience in Southern Europe. According to him, Franco did not hesitate for a moment to apply for the new position when he found Paack’s opening on LinkedIn.

For this newly appointed Paacker, besides his desire to move to another country whilst expanding his career, this job is an incredible opportunity; “Starting a new period in a company that places sustainability as a strategic priority for its activity is a dream come true for me”, states our new Head of ESG. According to him, his new occupation in a young company like Paack is an exciting challenge that he wants to take advantage of and enjoy to the fullest.

Franco also explains how his personal and professional goals can be summed up in a few words: “to try to make a difference with his work and to contribute, as much as possible, to making things better”. He applies this principle both personally and professionally and assures that “I always try to make decisions that are based on a high level of environmental awareness”.  Indeed, Boscolo aims for his work to have a real impact, providing Paack with his experience to strengthen its commitment to sustainability and promote positive changes in the transport sector.

At the current rate, the logistics sector will double its incidence by 2050, and could account for more than half of the total emissions generated on the planet. Therefore, it is extremely important for a company like Paack to drive change in the quest for sustainability, to be recognized by its customers, and to be able to lead a strategy that influences the whole logistics sector.

Although he has only been with us for a short time, Boscolo has proved that he has quickly absorbed our corporate values, as he does not hesitate to define Paack as, “an innovative, dynamic and, of course, sustainable company”.

Sustainability is part of Paack’s DNA, so we are extremely proud to keep making steps towards our commitment to achieve carbon net zero by 2030, with this incredible new addition to our Team. Franco’s experience will contribute to our clear commitment to sustainability, helping us ensure our activity generates the least possible impact and allowing us to launch new projects always taking into account planet demand.