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Boost your online sales by offering to your clients scheduled deliveries as the new market standard

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All our product ecosystem has been designed in-house in order to ensure the best delivery experience at competitive rates

Delivery Experience

The best-rated delivery experience in Europe across all different channels (Google, Trustpilot)

Owned Transportation Network

We operate our own distribution centers and last-mile delivery stations. All our line-hauls are dedicated and all our drivers are professional drivers

National and European Coverage

More than 60 cities in 4 countries and growing!


We are committed to achieving carbon net zero by 2030, 20 years sooner than the Paris Agreement.

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We’ve presence in 4 countries and more than 60 cities


We’ve presence in 4 countries and more than 60 cities

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About Paack

Paack, a leading parcel delivery company

Paack is a transport and parcel company that began its trajectory five years ago in the city of Dubai, with a team of international engineers whose objective was to conceive a model of transport and parcel company capable of offering a high value contribution to online sales, from an efficient programming of delivery times.

Since its origin, and in only 5 years, our company has been growing and evolving constantly, until becoming one of the reference companies in the transport and parcel sector in Europe. Paack currently has its operational headquarters in the city of Barcelona, in whose offices work a young and dynamic team, composed of more than 240 high-level professionals, who are specialized in different areas, related to logistics, transport and technology. 

This growth and evolution has made it possible that we are currently making scheduled deliveries to more than 60 European cities in countries such as Spain, Portugal, France and Italy, with the support of nearly 3,000 professional drivers.  Paack drives online sales for more than 100 international clients, including some of the world’s leading eCommerce operators.

Transport company specialized in last mile deliveries

Our business operation is focused on last mile delivery scheduling, which allows users to receive what they have purchased online based on parameters they set at the completion of the purchase process. The customers can determine where and when they want to receive their packages, either immediately, during the same day they have made the purchase, or the day after it is formalized. In this way we fulfill the objective of accompanying and adding value to online sales, since, thanks to rigorous compliance with delivery times, we ensure that the user has an excellent shopping experience.

For the development of our activity we focus on guaranteeing the maximum efficiency of our service and in a clear commitment to innovation and sustainability. These are three fundamental premises for the Paack team that have an unquestionable impact on the best attention to our customers and help us to offer a responsible and respectful service to the environment. In addition, our commitment to innovation allows us to optimize routes, shorten journeys and successfully complete a very high percentage of the first deliveries. This has the effect of reducing trips and increasing the level of effectiveness, from which the consumer benefits, but also the environment.

Paack guarantees a safe and efficient parcel delivery

As a result, our company has a 96% success rate in the first delivery to customers, one of the highest ratios in the industry. The efficiency of our service has also made it possible for customers to rate our deliveries at 4.8 out of 5, making us the best rated transport and parcel company internationally. These excellent results indicate that the work we are carrying out is fulfilling the objectives we set ourselves from the moment we began to conceive our activity, while at the same time obliging and encouraging us to continue working in search of excellence. In this line, in the coming months we will continue to grow in the number of countries and cities in which we will be present, an increase in activity that is accompanied by a thorough process of route optimization and a commitment to environmentally friendly vehicle fleets.