What Is Paack’s Current Status?

At the beginning of the year, we announced some of the objectives that would accompany us during 2022. A few months down the line, our forecasts are being fulfilled, and we are making steady progress towards achieving everything we set out to do.

Additionally, we are adapting our day-to-day operations to the new projects and challenges that arise, which help us to continue to evolve as one of the leading transport companies. Territorial expansion, the development of cutting-edge technology, the pursuit of sustainability, or the growth of the team are some of the main aspects we are immersed in right now, and we are unstoppable!

Territorial expansion

Over the past few months, we have established ourselves in a new European country. Our presence in Italy is a reality, and we are already operating in Milan, Rome, Bari, Padua and Bologna, where we have distribution centres. In Portugal, we have already reached our target of covering 80% of the territory. In Spain, we continue to make progress to reach every corner of the country, and in Iberia we are already delivering using 100% electric vehicles to over 11M people.


Developments and technological advances are ongoing at Paack. In recent months, we have implemented significant improvements to our Driver App, aiming to further optimise our routes and minimise the risk of unnecessary journeys. We are also working on updating our website, so that it can provide relevant information and facilitate a better delivery experience for our users.

Besides, we have developed the implementation of chatbots, which help us automate the resolution of technical incidents more efficiently. And we have made significant progress with the Reverse logistics service, so that customer returns are effective.


Another of the aspects in which our evolution is ongoing is our strategy for making our activity sustainable and generating zero environmental impact. In this regard, the volume of deliveries using sustainable, environmentally friendly fleets continues to grow in all the countries we operate in. We have also recently added a key character to our organisational chart, Franco Boscolo, who will lead the company’s overall strategy for ESG, sustainability and respect for the environment.

In order to continue to focus on reducing emissions caused by our activity, we continue to work on two main reports, one of which focuses on compliance with strict standards such as the GHG, which measures the impact of the carbon footprint, and the ISO.   We will also collect information internally in order to compile a study of all the actions we take towards sustainability. Both documents will soon be available for consultation on our website. 

Finally, we are proud to announce that we attended Europe’s leading last mile delivery event, DELIVER, where we were awarded the Sustainability Award in recognition of our commitment to the environment.


The Paack team continues to grow to support our solution and, to do this, we are incorporating people capable of adding value and providing the best response to the challenges we face. Today, our team is made up of more than 750 Paackers! We also continue to be faithful to our corporate values: We Care, We Thrive, We Innovate. We have carried out several surveys with our staff to get to know their opinions first hand, because their contributions are fundamental for continuing to make progress and improve our day-to-day activities in the company.

As you can see, the growth and evolution of Paack never stops. We continue to strive for excellence in the service we offer to both our customers and users, and although there is still a long way to go, every day we are working towards our goal: to lead the way in sustainable eCommerce deliveries in Europe.

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