At Paack, We Root for The Most Advanced Robotics


Innovation is in Paack’s DNA. It is one of the main engines that drives us to move forward and look for new ways to improve all our processes, with the aim of offering the best delivery experience. Innovation and technology undoubtedly go hand in hand, and that is why, at Paack, we have equipped one of our largest distribution centres, located in Madrid, San Fernando de Henares, with robotics.

Our centre counts with more than 27,000 sqm, and has 270 robots, which makes it one of the most robotized stations in Europe that can process both last-mile and cross-docking parcels simultaneously.

The logistics solution, presented by our Operations team, led by Ignacio López (COO), allows the robotic technology of this platform to operate on two levels: on the upper floor the robots do the sorting of parcels by destination. On the lower level, they are responsible for the movement of cages, i.e., the allocation of routes.

That’s why last-mile and cross-docking deliveries can be processed in the same space at the same time. This new system allows us to guarantee almost 100% accuracy in the processing of orders, handling up to 10,000 parcels per hour. As a result, we have achieved our main objective: to achieve maximum operational efficiency through a technological platform that adapts to the logistic needs of our clients.

The robots in this distribution centre not only help us increase productivity, but also reduce sorting errors to a minimum. In addition, the robotic application makes it possible to always trace the location of each parcel, even within the distribution centre itself, and increases the productivity and efficiency of the service.

Indeed, this distribution centre in Madrid operates as a logistics brain, facilitating and supporting the warehouse workers while allowing to manage a greater volume of parcels with great precision.

Seeing the results of this project, Ignacio López, COO at Paack comments; “Thanks to the success of this project, we are considering expanding the portfolio of robotized warehouses in all the countries where we operate”. 

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