03/12/2021 | Team

Paack, A Multicultural, Multidisciplinary Team in Constant Growth

Our company is formed by a dynamic, entrepreneurial, multicultural, and highly skilled team, which is focussed on being able to provide solutions to the numerous challenges of the present and future we are immersed in. Paack is led by the project’s three founding partners: Fernando Benito, who is the company’s CEO; Xavier Rosales, current director of Iberia and Suraj Shirvankar, who currently holds the position of CTO (Chief Technology Officer). The evolution of our company is a clear reflection of the founders’ personalities. They have been able to bring together the complementarity of their profiles and high level of expertise, which has become one of our greatest assets.

In addition to the founders, those of us that form Paack have varied profiles, and engineering and software programming professionals predominate. It is worth noting that some members of the team have spent part of their professional careers in technology companies as renowned as Amazon, Facebook or Google, among others.  Moreover, the team stands out for its range of specialists in logistics, robotics, strategy, sales, marketing, customer services, finance, law and human resources.  With regard to the educational background of our staff, it is also important to reiterate that it is very eclectic and, in many cases, staff have studied at some of the most prestigious European universities.  

Since we began this project in 2015, the team has continuously evolved and grown. Currently, we are a team of more than 500 people with different academic profiles. It would not be possible to understand the evolution and dynamism of our company without taking into consideration the profile of the team. Paack is formed by a workforce with an average age of 33 and represents more than 43 nationalities.

At Paack, we speak more than 13 languages! 

It is specifically the composition and personality of the Paack team that bolsters the company’s purpose, since they reflect its international vocation and a focus in which technology plays a key role. We understand innovation to be the best guarantee in order to offer our customers the best services and the key to providing solutions to the needs presented to us by the companies we collaborate with.

Our headquarters are located in Barcelona and we have offices in London, Paris and Lisbon, in addition to warehouses in various cities. But our ambitious plan for expansion, which foresees embracing new markets, forces our biggest asset, our team, to continue growing in order to fulfil the challenges and objectives we have set ourselves. Our corporate values “We Care”, “We Thrive”, “We Innovate”, perfectly represent our team philosophy and guide the search for talent. This search offers equal opportunities and promotes a diverse and inclusive workplace.

In this respect, we expect our transport company to continue to incorporate new Paackers, so that we reach a team of 550 professionals by the end of 2022.