23/06/2022 | Team

Meet one of our Paackers: Jeremy Stoss

Name: Jeremy Stoss

Position: General Manager France

This week we introduce you to Jeremy Stoss, General Manager for Paack France. With his extensive experience, Jeremy joined Paack this year as the GM France. We had a chat with him to better understand his motivations to join the Team and future plans for Paack. Discover all about it below!  

Prior to being a Paacker…

Before joining Paack Jeremy co-founded and run an eCommerce marketplace in Africa for seven years called Afrimarket. This project demanded the internalization of the entire logistics chain (from pick up to packing parcels at the warehouse, to last-mile delivery) in a very complex operational context.

The company ended up covering 100% of the population in five countries: Ivory Coast, Senegal, Benin, Cameroon, and Mali. This experience taught Jeremy how to design logistics with a strong quality of service, whilst maintaining costs down, which he plans to apply at Paack.  

More recently, Jeremy was deputy CEO of Ornikar for two years, a KKR-backed French startup member of the Next 40.

Why Paack?

According to Jeremy, Paack is well-positioned “to become the European leader in sustainable deliveries”. While expressing his delight to be part of the change with Paack, he adds “we have the financing, the Team, and the operations to strongly contribute to the decarbonization of last-mile deliveries in the countries where we operate”.   

“Paack provides the best service – quality and cost-wise”. In fact, Jeremy assures Paack is on the right track to accomplish an important share of the last mile deliveries in France. 

What does the future behold for Paack France?

Today, Paack France is aimed at strengthening its value proposition to all its clients – big retailers, eCommerce, and DNVB alike. So we are focused on three specific areas:

Aligning with each one of our corporate values; We Thrive, We Care, We Innovate, these areas are aimed at supporting our path towards leading sustainable eCommerce deliveries, offering the best delivery experience in the market through a tech-enabled solution that considers customer and planet demand.