05/01/2023 | Sustainable Deliveries

Importance of Sustainability in Last Mile Services

Last mile logistics are a key aspect of the supply chain, and a vital aspect for any ecommerce platform selling online. In fact, last mile logistics is almost more important than any other part of the supply chain, because how they are managed has a direct impact on customer satisfaction.

No matter how efficient the first part of the logistics process is, if the last mile service is not satisfactory, it will have a negative impact on the purchase itself. Customers expect to receive their deliveries on time, and if this is not the case, they are likely to be dissatisfied with the whole purchasing process, even if the original seller is not to blame. 

What is the Last Mile Services?

The last mile refers to the final step in package delivery, where the product is transported directly to the customer within the city. It is called the last mile because it is the last journey in the delivery process.

One of the key aspects of last mile logistics is establishing a delivery deadline and fulfilling it. It is also important to ensure high success rates on the first delivery attempt, as this improves customer satisfaction and helps save on resources.

specialist in last mile services

We are specialist in Last Mile Services

Different products require different last mile logistics, so choosing the right logistics company for last mile deliveries is an important choice, and must be based on the products you sell. Temperature controlled deliveries are essential for medicine and pharmaceutical products, as well as some food products, and packaging and handling are important when it comes to fragile products. You must make sure your last mile logistics company has experience handling the type of product you sell.

In today’s context, it is also important to bear in mind sustainability for last mile logistics. Deliveries should be grouped together by geographical location, and routes should be optimized and highly efficient in order to limit the carbon footprint.

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Another option is to choose a logistics company with a fleet of low emission vehicles, reducing your impact on the environment even further. Zero carbon vehicles such as bicycles may be an option in some locations, but of course it is also important to bear in mind the size of the packages when deciding how to organize your last mile logistics.

At Paack we take all these aspects, and many others, into account, and we strive to offer the best shopping experience for our customers and users. We have innovative technology that we have developed internally to help us plan efficient routes. Scheduled deliveries make it possible for packages to be received quickly and enable us to adapt to customers’ needs. We also aim to achieve the highest success rates on the first delivery attempt to avoid disappointment and unnecessary journeys.

“Choose a logistics company with a fleet of low emission vehicles, reducing your impact on the environment even further.”

We improve our service in Last Mile

We are currently expanding our network of warehouses, distribution centres and delivery stations, so that we can facilitate last mile deliveries in the locations we work in. We also have a range of vehicles that are suited to the different deliveries we carry out.

At the heart of our approach is a clear commitment to meeting our clients’ and customers’ needs, and being sustainable and environmentally friendly. Every day, we work to reduce the carbon footprint deriving from our activity, and we hope to be completely carbon net-zero in the near future.