Introducing our first Sustainability Report

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Today we are excited to share an important milestone on our journey towards a more sustainable future. As part of our strong commitment to sustainability and the environment, we are proud to present our first Sustainability Report.

“Sustainability is deeply ingrained in the essence of Paack. It forms an integral component of our mission, driving us to transform the logistics industry and set new standards of environmental, social, and governance responsibility.”

Fernando Benito, CEO

This report provides a comprehensive overview of all the initiatives, progress, and projects we are undertaking in 2022, demonstrating our dedicated focus on sustainability and our ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. One of our most notable achievements is the remarkable 42% decrease in last mile transport emissions between 2021 and 2022.

Allende Irazola, our ESG Manager, emphasises that “sustainable logistics faces challenges that require innovation and collaboration. As visionary leaders in the industry, we see these challenges as opportunities for innovation and progress. We are actively investing in zero-emission delivery, collaborating with partners to expand freight networks and leveraging advanced routing algorithms to optimise delivery routes and improve energy efficiency”.

In presenting this report, we are proud to announce the launch of our Sustainable Movement under the banner “Deliver for the planet”. This movement aims to raise awareness of our sustainability strategy, educate and influence the promotion of more sustainable practices in logistics and e-commerce. We want our journey towards sustainable service to be a shared task with our partners, customers, employees and suppliers, so that together we can contribute to a more environmentally friendly future.

Our Sustainability Strategy

At Paack, we focus on offering the most advanced last mile delivery solution through our own technology. This ensures a sustainable and efficient delivery experience for our customers, while allowing us to be environmentally friendly.

Our goal is ambitious: to achieve net-zero in all deliveries by 2030, surpassing the Paris Agreement covenants in 20 years.

As our CEO, Fernando Benito, comments: “Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond short-term benefits; it is part of our vision: to lead sustainable e-commerce deliveries in Europe. It is a long-term vision that guides our actions, drives innovation and shapes our legacy.”‘

To achieve carbon neutrality, we follow ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria and have formulated our sustainability plan around 4 steps: measure, reduce, contribute and report. We have implemented various measures, such as improving energy efficiency in our facilities, creating zero emission zones, adopting electric vehicles for parcel distribution and building electric charging infrastructures in our warehouses.

In addition, we are committed to environmental contribution projects, such as reforestation initiatives in collaboration with the One Tree Planted organisation, and we promote the circular economy together with our retail partners. We also maintain transparency through reporting to measure our progress and share these results with our partners and customers as we work tirelessly to achieve carbon neutrality.

At Paack, sustainability is not just a word, it’s a concrete action.Together, we can make a difference.

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