Our vision

Leading Sustainable eCommerce Deliveries in Europe

Through a tech-enabled delivery solution, we ensure the best-in-class sustainable delivery experience.

Our Approach
to Planet Impact

We are committed to achieving carbon net zero by 2030, 20 years sooner than the Paris Agreement.

This is how



Together with an external auditing firm, we have measured our environmental impact and expanded this measurement mechanism to the entire operational chain. With the aim of reaching net-zero from start to finish, this measurement includes all Scopes, at an organizational and service level:

Scope 1

Direct Green House Gas emissions from fossil fuels and natural gas.

Scope 2

Indirect emissions of imported energy from the purchase of electricity, steam, heat or cooling.

Scope 3

Other indirect emissions including upstream and downstream transportation and distribution, purchased goods and services, business travel and employee commuting.



We minimize our environmental impact by introducing decarbonization actions throughout our operational chain:

100% zero-emissions distribution zones

Distribution centres with own electrical infrastructure to charge electric vehicles

Optimised routing maximizing drivers’ efficiency: “Travel less to deliver more”

Switching fleets to 100% zero-emission vehicles

Implementation of  urban eco-hubs

Delivery Precision

Digitalization of the service

Collaborating with certified waste-management-companies on our entire network of hubs and distribution centres



To reach our commitment of being an end-to-end carbon neutral delivery solution we are working with several partners.


Residual compensation

Circular economy

Leveraging reverse logistics to reduce landfill, such as the collection of Nespresso recycling and used Nike and Zara apparel, ensuring the same journeys delivering new goods can be used to provide more responsible recycling and reuse of products.



We are preparing different reports to keep track of our progress in terms of emissions and sustainability, which will be soon available on our website.

Emissions Report

To assess our progress in the reduction of emissions following the strictest standards GHG and ISO.

Sustainability Report

To assess our progress in terms of sustainability-related actions.

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Road to Net Zero?

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A Team Dedicated to Lead Our Sustainable Transformation

The team leading our sustainability strategy

Ignacio López
Allende Irazola  
Operational Sustainability Manager

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