Meet One of Our Paackers: Alex Ferrell

Name: Alex Ferrell

Studies: A-Level

Department: UK Commercial

Position: Business Development Director

If you happen to ever have an online business meeting with Alex Ferrell, you may find yourself face to face (or screen to screen) with a Labrador Retriever. But despite the soft spot he has for his dogs, Alex takes his job very seriously. He manages the Business Development Team in the UK, engaging directly with businesses to present the Paack sustainable delivery service portfolio to them as well as to the wider market. He says that no day is ever the same at his job, although conference calls are a significant part of his day-to-day operations, along with external calls and visits with potential clients. 

He describes the Team at Paack as one of the strongest commercial teams he has worked with so far and tells us that he and his colleagues are “innovators, disruptors and game changers”, which, as he says, makes the atmosphere at Paack fun, engaging and knowledgeable. 

When asked about specific times he is proud of at work, he is quick to mention that he brushed up on some coding skills and managed to do “some pretty cool things” with Google APIs, which has had a positive impact on Paack’s commercial progress in the UK. He is also proud of the fact that his Team has brought a number of some of the largest high street retail names in the UK on board – which he puts down to Paack’s business mantra and self-belief.

Outside of work, Alex describes his idea of a perfect day as adventuring out with his four dogs and then ending up at a nice pub. He describes his hobbies as anything related to technology, as well as going to the gym and out running. He recommends the books The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson, and Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life by Gary John Bishop, both of which give us an insight into Alex’s attitude in life. Not only that, but he also recommends the films Dune and No Time to Die, and the TV series Godfather of Harlem, as well as any Russell Howard, Jimmy Carr or Lee Evans show.

Last but not least, he says that one of the people who most inspires him is the actor Keanu Reeves, perhaps a nod to his more adventurous side. And what piece of advice would Alex give to his younger self? “Do what you want to do, do it properly, and don’t let someone else’s opinion change your mind or stop you from doing it.” 

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