Technology, One of Paack’s Key Pillars

tecnologia pilar fundamental paack

The commitment to technology is, unquestionably, one of the keys to the success of the service we offer at Paack. In this sense, it is worth noting the role played by our platform, which has been designed internally and on which the entire life cycle of an order depends, from the collection to the delivery, ensuring that the experience is satisfactory for all parties involved in the process at all times.

Understanding the importance of all the people that are part of the technology department is also fundamental. Our team is divided into different areas: Engineering, Cloud, Security, Support, Product and Customer Solutions. Each of them is responsible for different parts of the development cycle. For example, Customer Solutions deals with the needs of our customers during the integration and over the course of our collaboration with them. Product designs and manages the development strategy, and Cloud and Engineering are in charge of the implementation of this.

Finally, the main role of Support is to always help the other departments in the company, to deal with incidents. It is a collaborative work which, as well as being enriching, is fundamental in order to develop the best solutions for our customers and users, whether they are internal or external.

The department’s work affects three main areas: Last mile operationsWarehouse Operations, and Customers. Each of them is managed by various teams of three to eight people who carry out specific projects such as the driver’s app, the warehouse management system or integrations with customers. To design these types of projects, we work independently, but put a lot of emphasis on collaborating with each other.

In addition, the Technology team also works transversally with other departments from our transport company, particularly with the Global Operations, Commercial and Strategy and Data departments. Together, we identify which processes can be improved and, from that point, we design technological solutions that are capable of optimising them.

When we develop a first version of a new application, or we are thinking about the implementation of an improvement, we work with the Operations team to check it works effectively in practice.  We repeat these checks until it works correctly and is fully optimised.

It is precisely the result of this close cooperation that enables us to obtain finely tuned applications and capabilities which are fully tailored to the needs and working of each of our customers. The continuous feedback and the good will of our teams to test the new developments help us to be able to work with real data and directly with the end users of the applications.

In short, the desire to innovate, the pursuit of excellence and motivation to experiment, are part of our team’s DNA. This is what has enabled us to develop a series of technological solutions that provide our customers with a superior delivery experience, thanks to the fact that we are able to optimise our processes and ensure the scalability of the service.

Contact us and find out how our technology can help your ecommerce deliveries and the logistics of your business.

Luís Cámara – Head of Product

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