MediaMarkt Iberia chooses Paack for their sustainable deliveries

Mediamarkt Sustainable Deliveries

With more than 100 stores across Spain, 7000 employees, and a reference eCommerce shop, MediaMarkt is one of the giants of consumer electronics distribution across Spain. With a turnover above 2 billion euros in the 2020/21 period, MediaMarkt has established itself as a leader in its sales niche.

In terms of sustainability, MediaMarkt is also taking important steps forward to become a benchmark. For them, sustainability is not a project but an attitude that is indispensable for a better future. On its website, you can find the different ways in which the brand is committed to sustainability.

MediaMarkt relies on Paack for sustainable deliveries

Along the same lines, from this December on, Mediamarkt Iberia will start to make its sustainable deliveries with Paack in 25 cities in Spain, including Seville, Malaga, Valencia, Bilbao, Madrid, and Barcelona.

This way, the two companies strengthen their partnership even more, as Paack already carries out other types of deliveries for its eCommerce nationwide.

To trust Paack again for this new sustainable delivery service is to count with the support of these past years collaboration. For MediaMarkt, having partners that are aligned with our objectives and mission in terms of caring for the environment and sustainability is fundamental, and we know that with Paack we are all rowing in the same direction“, says Iván Gonzalo, Head of Supply Chain at Mediamarkt.

In order to differentiate its standard deliveries from its sustainable deliveries, both the delivery drivers’ uniforms and vans will be specially labelled.

Electric vehicle in Barcelona.

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