How to Choose a Transport Company for Your Ecommerce

How to Choose a Transport Company for Your Ecommerce

For an eCommerce, making the right choice when selecting a transport company is a highly relevant aspect for the success of their business. Sending a parcel is the last step in eCommerce logistics for any company. If it is not done efficiently, it can have repercussions both on the eCommerce’s economic growth and, also, on its overall public image, which can be negatively affected.

Ecommerces place this kind of responsibility on transport companies, so its final performance is key. For this reason, the parcel delivery service must meet the expectations that it has generated both to their clients, the eCommerces, and the end customer, the people who receive an online purchase.  

Therefore, when it comes to making a decision, it is vital to bear in mind a series of considerations that enable us to assess whether the transport company will be able to efficiently carry out the service required of them or not. Clearly determining the needs of each electronic commerce is fundamental in order to find the eCommerce transport company that will be able to add value to the purchase experience.

5 key aspects for choosing a transport company:

1. Scope

The geographical coverage that a transport company can undertake is a major aspect, since it is clear that the needs of an electronic commerce whose projects are distributed locally will not be the same as those of a business that sells throughout the national territory, for example. In either case, the eCommerce should demand that the transport company is able to ensure that their products are delivered with maximum guarantees to their customers.

2. Services and delivery times

The services offered by any transport company are also a highly relevant aspect when it comes to choosing one company or another. The ever-growing culture of online consumption amongst consumers leads to an increasingly demanding public, who, simply put, want to receive their purchases in the shortest time possible. Precisely, this ability of reaction and, in particular, the ability to successfully perform scheduled deliveries is a decisive factor when making the final choice.

3. Success rates

Knowing the success rates of deliveries for each transport company in advance should also help us to decide. Making sure customers receive their parcels within the established time periods, with a high degree of success on first attempt deliveries, contributes to user satisfaction. At the same time, it also helps enhance the impression given by the eCommerce where the product was bought from.

4. Technology

Technological innovation can mark the difference between different transport companies. The ability to integrate systems to enable detailed tracking of the delivery status and the location of the parcel at all times is an aspect closely related to the technology applied by each different company. Without a doubt, having an up to date, functioning technological platform will facilitate and benefit the correct working of delivery processes.

5. Respect for the environment

Awareness and respect for the environment are highly valued as of today. The transportation of goods generates a significant carbon footprint, so we must know the measures each transport company applies and the type of fleets they use in their journeys, to reduce their environmental impact as much as possible. It is a growing demand, no longer just from the side of eCommerces, but also from end customers, who positively value companies whose actions are focused on promoting sustainability.

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