Committed to sustainable deliveries in Europe

 Travelling less, to deliver more 

A sustainable approach

Our environmental plan in 4 steps

01. Measure

We measure our environmental impact throughout our operational chain, aiming for carbon neutrality from start to finish. This includes various scopes, from organizational levels to services:

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Scope 1

Direct greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and natural gas


Scope 2

Indirect emissions from imported energy through the purchase of electricity, steam, heating or cooling

Scope 3

Other indirect emissions, including own and supplier transportation and distribution, purchases of goods and services, business travel, and commuting


Inventory of Emissions 2022


02. Reduce

We minimize our environmental impact by introducing decarbonization actions throughout our operational chain:

100% zero-emission distribution zones

Delivery precision 98.5%

Distribution centers with infrastructure for electric vehicle charging

Optimized routing for maximum carrier efficiency: "travel less to deliver more"

Digitization of our service

Switching fleets to 100% zero-emission vehicles

Implementation of urban eco-hubs

Collaboration with waste management entities across our hub and distribution center network

03. Contribute

To achieve carbon neutrality in our deliveries, we work with entities and partners on projects related to:

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Residual compensation investments

Circular economy


04. Report

We meticulously track emissions and sustainability, providing reports on our progress

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Emissions Report

To assess our progress in the reduction of emissions following the strictest standards GHG and ISO

Sustainability Report

Offer a comprehensive view of our initiatives, progress, and projects undertaken in 2022

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    We are actively investing in zero-emission deliveries, collaborating with partners to expand charging networks and leveraging advanced routing algorithms to optimize delivery routes to improve energy efficiency."

    Allende Irazola

    Head of ESG and Sustainability

    Forward-thinking and responsible operations are the essence of sustainable logistics at Paack. We explore innovative ways to mitigate the impact of our operations on the planet. By doing this, we drive change and set new standards of sustainability excellence within the industry."

    Ignacio López



    How does our sustainable strategy work?

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